About Me

I started on a 24 Day Challenge on August 4th, 2010. I chose Advocare because
their products are sent to a third party laboratory to be checked for more than 190
banned substances. ( www.informed-choice.org ) Being a six time cancer survivor
my concern is knowing all products that are being put in my body. With Advocare I
know I am getting quality products.

I came into Advocare as a Distributor and because of my quick results and the way I
felt I started sharing my story with others and quickly became an Advisor.

In three months on Advocare products I have lost more than 60 pounds. I feel as
good today as I felt running track in High School twenty two years ago. My husband
has lost more than 40 pounds in just two months and continues to loose weight and
maintain great energy. The team I have built in the last two months has lost more
than 250 pounds.

Our once lethargic lifestyle now has a pep in the step and we are excited to share our results with others, in addition to assisting them to reach their goals. Whether it is to improve on their Athletic Performance, add energy to their present lifestyle or manage their weight, Advocare has the program to attain these goals.

Feel free to contact me anytime for advice or assistance with reaching your lifestyle goals.

Lori A Sorbo
Advocare Advisor